GRUPPO INDIVISIBILE: an intuition becomes reality ...

Being able to find and share important information and good products, overcoming the difficulties of our modern market.

We started from information, creating a small publishing house - IO SONO EDIZIONI (a cultural non-profit union) just to allow a real possibility to all true artists able to express themselves through their works; It was an instant

success with the books IO SONO IMMORTALE by A.M.King and Arcangelo Miranda and IO SONO la Verità by Daniele F. Cavallo.
The response received  from the public encouraged us to go further: why not propose, in addition to information, also products that could give added value to their users in terms of BEING and WELLNESS? There are many great products made

in Italy and abroad, which are of great value, innovation, and accessibility, but unknown by people.

So we thought to re-sell them by our new Company (INDIVISIBILE SNC) and its website: www.idealandia.it

Our research has focused on a few areas concerning: energy (Tesla Plates, Kolzov Plates, Egyptian rods etc), water's memory, Shungite and Bioworld (slow juicers, sprouts etc).

We are a GROUP of people who work with passion, but also of suppliers with good ideas and of customers who appreciate our research of excellence.

We are talking about the heart of our Group which makes it UNSEVERABLE: a company made of unique people and products which allow us to realize every day our purpose to create connections on our beloved planet.


Gruppo Indivisibile
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