Egyptian Rods

2500 years of Pharaonic energy and power

"The Cylinders of Power were known and used from the earliest times,
while the secret of their preparation was the prerogative of a few initiates. [...]
The two Cylinders held by the upright figures are handles of immense power similar to electricity
and they release this energy into the body by storing it in the unipolar ganglia and spinal fluid;
in this way the energy increases by one hundred per cent and lasts one day and one night for twenty-four hours."

Count Stefan Colonna Walewski
The Caucasian Yoga Manuscript

A story that has its roots in ancient times and that we, at the INDIVISIBILE Group, wanted to bring to Italy. In fact, we have become the exclusive distributors for Italy of the mythical (Egyptian rods), very ancient devices brought to light in the last century and reproduced in Russia after decades of research.

They consist of a pair of cylinders, one made of copper and the other of zinc, to be held in the hand according to a particular procedure illustrated in detail in the approximately 70-page instruction manual.

How the Egyptian Cylinders work

Cylinders, in themselves, do not directly produce energy, but act as a collector between life energy and physical energy. They restore that intermediate level which is called etheric energy. In particular, the Cylinders are able to harmonize the two main energy channels of the human organism called Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang represent two opposite but, at the same time, homogenous principles. These energy currents combine within each individual determining health or disease depending on their interaction.

Obviously then, depending on the model, each type of Cylinder has its own specific functions and benefits, ranging from increasing vitality, neutralizing thought forms to real expansions of consciousness.

Those who experience the Egyptian Cylinders feel waves and waves of life energy surging through the body. Although modern medicine is approaching this little by little to the life energies, even if the subtle bodies and life energies are something that is present in the cultures from thousands of years old.

The Egyptian Cylinders are a real thing, an object, indeed a pair of objects, that can influence the body's electrical field and rebalance it.

The history of the Egyptian Cylinders

Stefan Colonna Walewsky ConteStefan Colonna Walewsky Count for about 2500 years, from 2500 BC to the 1st century AD, gods, pharaohs and kings of Egypt were depicted holding Cylinders in their statues. Until 1920, all experts and historians had wondered what those Cylinders were.
Around the 1920s, a Polish diplomat, Count Walewsky, on a mission to the Caucasus, came into contact with a Zoorastrian sect that initiated him into Caucasian Yoga. The discipline consisted of several practices. Walewsky realised that in one of these they used cylinders very similar to Egyptian ones to regenerate their bodies. Thus it was that he discovered that the Aegyptian CYLINDERS were sacred objects that were known only to a small circle of initiates in ancient Egypt. In fact, their history is lost in the depths of centuries and their origin is covered in a thick blanket of mystery.
With the help of the Cylinders, the Priests and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were able to communicate with the Gods. Perhaps the Cylinders also served as a source of power for the legendary magicians of Atlantis..

The Priests and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt used the Cylinders, made of metal and filled with various substances, as instruments to realise, with the help of the Pyramids, the evolution of their psychic, energetic and consequently physical abilities in order to make communication with the Gods possible.

The Egyptian Cylinders are energetically connected to the Pyramid and transmit its beneficial vibrations. They are one powerful mechanism that represents 21st century technology, thanks to which one can greatly improve one's mental and therefore physical abilities.

The first modern Egyptian Cylinders were produced in 1995 in St. Petersburg. The first model, in honour of Count Walevsky, was named KONT. Over the following years, other models were created, each different from the other, and we have them all in our catalogue.

All those who have purchased Cylinders over the past 20 years describe pleasant energetic sensations running through their bodies. One almost has to ask oneself: it is true that the Pharaohs had a different quality of life than the average people who lived to be around 40 years old, but is it possible that these Cylinders contributed to them living well and for twice the normal average life span?

Our catalogues of Egyptian Rods

In relation to ancient Egypt and its pyramids, all the Cylinders in our catalogue are energised inside a pyramid over 20 metres high and for a period of 12 days. This cancels out any anomalies in the substances they contain and improves their resonator properties.To guarantee the quality of the entire production process of the Cylinders, each pair comes with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by the Russian Manufacturer. We offer 4 different categories of Cylinders, depending on their internal materials and specific characteristics.
Here are the models:
Pharaoh Atjema holding the Cylinders

1) KONT and KS CYLINDERS (with shungite)
They contain carbon + magnetic material. KONT CYLINDERS work with the life energy (Vitic) of the user and provide him/her with a gentle energy that harmonises his/her energy information field (bio-field): they slowly open blocked meridians stimulating the natural healing of the body's energies and promoting the birth of a protective energy cocoon that can last from 1 to 2 days.

2) CRYSTAL CYLINDERS divided into:
QUARTZ POWER 1 cylinders, QUARTZ POWER 2 cylinders and QUARTZ POWER 3 cylinders
They contain small quartz crystals. QUARTZ Cylinders generate a very stable energy shield around the user (three weeks of effectiveness against one week's daily use). Quartz Cylinders are very powerful in eliminating stress as they influence the central nervous system positively, stimulating its activity; this effect causes stable blood pressure in people suffering from hypotonia (low blood pressure).

CRYSTAL ONE POWER 4 Cylinders, STAR POWER 5 Cylinders and GROUP POWER 8 Cylinders
Each contains large quartz crystals. CRYSTAL Cylinders can be used by anyone, but are most effective when used by a highly qualified bioenergy specialist.
CRYSTAL Cylinders support the concentration of thought necessary to change the inner reality of the user and are therefore able to change the world. They also stimulate the passage of increased energy flow through the etheric channels and improve the effectiveness of meditation by stimulating concentration on inner images.

Each contains large quartz crystals. These two sets of Cylinders are the most powerful that exist and are able to provide the sensation of energy flow; they are the only ones that have a silver generator inside them that amplifies by at least 2 or 3 times, like a turbo, the power of Quartz-3 and Star-5 giving rise to Connectivity-33 and Consciusness-55 respectively.

3) CATEGORY 3: TRINITY cylinders divided into:
They may contain various minerals, predominantly Ambligonite, Black Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline and are distinguished according to whether the user is a man or a woman. The TRINITY Cylinders are able to transform the consciousness of the user, provided there is an intention to harmonise with the ONE, beyond duality. The TRINITY Cylinders work on all thought-forms in the etheric body, stimulating the awakening of the high chakras and their alignment with the low ones. It is also sufficient to use them from 9 to 18 minutes to balance the Yin/Yang energy.

They contain large quartz crystals. By using both FREE Cylinders, the copper one (YANG/SUN) in the right hand and the zinc one (YIN/MOON) in the left hand perpendicularly to the ground, they cleanse the user's energy field 360 degrees.


Questi cilindri, a base d'ambra, non sono stati creati dall'attuale produttore, ma da un esosterico e mago cecoslovacco. Possiamo senza dubbio affermare che si tratta di una coppia di cilindri omnicomprensivi, molto potenti e flessibili e sono molto richiesti.

Cleopatra con in mano i cilindri
Cleopatra with cylinders in his hands
Antonious con in mano i Cilindri
Antonious with cylinders in her hands
i cilndri egiziani
The Egyptian rods
Pepi II con in mani i Cilindri
Pepi II with cylinders in her hands
Chefren con in mani i Cilindri
Chefren with cylinders in her hands
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