Devajal vortex generators for water

devajal vortice
devajal vortice
Devajal, in Sanskrit, means DIVINE WATER
DEVAJAL is a system for swirling water that is capable of both 'breaking up' water clusters to make the water lighter and giving the water a harmonic structure. In the end, the effect is that the water molecule is no longer electrically neutral, but has a certain charge. This makes it easier for water to participate in metabolic functions as charged water more easily 'binds' to both nutrients and waste substances for their transport to and from the cell; in this way, the body does not have to make an effort to make the water electrically charged.

Gianluigi Pol e Masaru Emoto
The inventor Gianluigi together with Masaru Emoto who certified Devajal Classic and photographed the crystals

Ecco il video di presentazione di tutti i Devajal:



Devajal Classic Devajal blu classic

In this CLASSIC blue Devajal all the activity of cleansing the water's memory and energizing it takes place thanks to the passage of water through the central hole and the inscription in eight languages LOVE AND GRATITUDE.
This crystal photographed with this Devajal (©

cristallo devajal blu

Devajal Jani Devajal JANI rosa

In this pink Devajal JANI, in addition to all the water memory cleansing and energizing carried out by the classic blue model, this model increases its capacity to bring order thanks to the symbol and the gold with which the disc is plated.
This crystal photographed with this Devajal (©

cristallo devajal rosa jani

Devajal Yantra Devajal YANTRA bianco

In our white YANTRA Devajal, the design of the disc represents SRI YANTRA, which we also call SHIVA YANTRA. The disc is gold-plated.

cristallo devajal yantra bianco


Devajal ARBELOS Devajal Arbelos trasparente

cristallo devajal arbelos

This is the latest model of our Devajal, the transparent ARBELOS passive torsional wave generator. ARBELOS represents the origin of matter in the universe, the hydrogen atom in its configuration of a proton and an electron.


Pythagoras' ARBELOS, which compared to the previous image is in the following view rotated by -90°, is an extraordinary harmonic geometric figure with 8 golden ratios:

Arbelos e rapporti aurei


If  AO = 1    AE= Φ
If  AB = 1    AO= Φ
If  AD = 1    AF= Φ
If  AO = 1    AE= Φ
AO:OE = Φ= 1:1,618
AD:DF = Φ = 1:1,618
ED:DO = Φ= 1:1,618
OE:EF =  Φ= 1:1,618

After 2500 years, the Arbelos reappeared when Dr. Raji Heyrovska discovered the Golden Ratio in the hydrogen atom.
In ARBELOS harmonizers, circles in the Golden Ratio generate golden torsional waves; a revolutionary discovery emerged from the working group of Prof. A.E. Akimov at the Institute of Physics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. More than a decade of research, supported by generators and detectors of torsional waves, has revealed that geometric figures with a golden ratio are 'passive generators of torsional waves'.

The Bohr radius of the fundamental state of hydrogen is divided into two gold sections relating to the electron and proton, and the bond lengths between two atoms of the same type are sums of the cationic and anionic radii based on the golden ratio. The golden ratio also plays a key role in the architecture of molecules.

This disc is also made of gold-plated brass.

This is the video that explains how to create the vortex using bottles with conical terminal:



 Devajal TAU  Devajal TAU rompigetto

cristallo devajal rosa tau

This Devajal is the result of years of research with the aim of obtaining vitalized water directly from the tap. TAU is an aerator with an F22 female connection to be connected to the kitchen faucet (M22 male) and is equipped with an anti-limescale filter; it can be pivoted by 40° (20°+ 20°). TAU has a disc inside that informs the water and makes it more vital as it passes through.

Devajal Tau was born from the intuition of an Austrian researcher, Viktor Schauberger, about the vitality given to water by vortices. This intuition was first transferred to the Devajal Blue Vortex Generator, and was used to make it possible to create the version of Devajal Tau in which the water is energized through 4 different water flows using a specific stainless steel metal disc called SATYA. The tests performed showed that watercress seeds treated with water vitalized by Tau showed for all 5 test replications an increase in growth of 15% on average; moreover, germination occurred earlier than in normal cultivation without Tau vitalized water.

Devajal TAU disc cross SATYASATYA cross disc: the circle and the cross
The circle with the cross is a very powerful symbol, found in the emerald tables of Thot (Hermes Trismegistus) and in Sumerian, Egyptian, Hittite, Cretan, Greek, Etruscan and Roman. Thot was the god of the moon, wisdom, writing, magic, time measurement, mathematics and geometry. The symbol of the circle and cross is known as the Celtic wheel, Odin's Cross.
Thot enunciates: "When you return to the form you have experienced, use the combination of the circle and the cross. Open your mouth and use your voice. Complete the word and you will be free."

Devajal TAU adapater M22Normally, kitchen faucets have a male end connection and our faucet breaker fits directly onto the faucets. However, some faucets, especially bathroom faucets, may have a female M24 end connection, so in these cases an adapter is required. A male-M22/male-M24 adapter is therefore available in the catalogue to connect TAU to taps with an M24 female connection.

 Devajal TAU 360  Devajal TAU 360 rompigetto

Devajal Tau 360 (for faucet F24, M22, M20) is the Devajal which revolves at 360 degrees spherical to have it available in all positions:

cristallo devajal tau


With Devajal Tau 360 you can wash your teeth, you can dynamize your face, wash your hair, harmonize the mouth, easily fill a contentment to water the plants and, moreover, you will have the ease of cleaning the sink.

dinamizzare il viso
dinamize the face
lavare i denti
wash the teeths
lavare i capelli
wash the hairs
armonizzare il cavo orale
harmonize the oral cavity
riempire un contenitore
fill a container
pulire il lavandino
clean the sink


The crystal of the treated water is the same as the Devajal Tau:

cristallo devajal tau

 Devajal GOLD Divina ProportioDevajal Gold Divine Proportio

Devajal Gold JALAKARA-OMEGA Divina Proportio (for faucet M22)  is the most powerful Devajal that exists; It is in brass but all gold plated; Inside it has two disks always plated gold, Alfa-137 type (on outgoing) and Arbelos (on input):

dischetti Alfa 137 and arbelos in gold

The photo of the crystal that is formed by Devajal Gold JALAKARA-OMEGA Divina Proportio s truly wonderful; on the left the photo before the treatment, on the right that of Divina Proportio:

Crystal of Devajal Divina Proportio

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