GRUPPO INDIVISIBILE is investing more and more in import and export in order to provide our customers with a large collection of the best products on the world stage: for example, we can mention just a few that have made us famous in Italy and in Europe: Shungite, slow-juicers, acqvadisk, Tesla Plates, Kolzov Plates and rods of Egyptians pharaohs (of which we are exclusive distributors for Italy).

Europe has become the main reference for the distribution of Shungite of Karelia (Russia) so much that we decided, with the brand IO SONO EDIZIONI, to publish in Italy a French author who wrote a very informative book on shungite in collaboration with our author Arcangelo Miranda.

Our suppliers of all non-Italians products are leading companies in Europe, often authorized distributors of that products.

The beauty of the Internet is that it has brought down borders more easily and quickly than they did decades of negotiations and political meetings between states: we are simply riding the wave of this great tool.



Gruppo Indivisibile
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