Orgonic products made in italy

Made in ItalyAll our products are italian handmade; all the products have healty minerals (white and pink quartz, tormaline, shungite ecc.) and are created with metal and resin (poliester or epoxy); the goods have a user guide in english. Orgone devices are able to gradually attract and release vital energy (prana, chi).
These products are built on the same principle as the orgone accumulator (OR.AC. Orgone Accumulator) invented by Wilheilm Riech; this accumulator is a cabin with walls made of alternating layers of organic material - which has the ability to attract and retain vital energy - and metal material - that attracts and reflects this energy from the opposite side.
By combining alternate layers of these materials, an accumulator/generator of orgone energy is obtained that concentrates the energy absorbed by the surrounding environment inside. This is the principle of the orgonite also produced with resin and metal.

PENDING FOR NECK in purple orgonite

The pendants for the neck of the VITEC series (Vital Technology) is an exclusive and Made in Italy product of the Indivisible Group; this product, for the first time, is the result of a secret recipe able to perfectly color the resin and make it purple-purpurea in a transparent way. It is a world exclusive.
The pendant is the result of the creation of two parts, the first, the one containing the symbol, of normal resin, the second, that of the back, is colored in violet, in transparency, a true work of art of italian manifacture.

The purple color is the symbol of someone who is well predisposed towards others and loves to help him; who prefers him seems to be an emotional person, looking for stable and lasting bonds, empathetic and fragile, but at the same time creative, particularly predisposed towards art, but also seductive and imaginative. The pranic vibration of the orgonite mixes and spreads with violet, the color of the 7th chakra, Sahasrara, the crown chakra, the chakra of consciousness and healing (violet flame).

orgonite purpurea in trasparenza
a trasparent view of purple orgonite
Blu Yantra
Blu Yantra
Cubo di Metatron.jpg
Cube of Metatron
Fiore della Vita
Flower of Life
Kali Yantra
Kali Yantra
Red Yantra
Red Yantra
Stella Sacra
Sacred Star
Sri Yantra
Sri Yantra
Tara Yantra
Tara Yantra
Yin Yang
Yin Yang


three models and three dimensions for each: 9, 15 and 21 cm

During the hardening phase, the resin with which our pyramids are made is exposed to a series of audio frequencies and ultraviolet lights in order to give a specific vibrational connotation to the orgonite.
Orgonite is a compound consisting of organic material and suspended metal particles, combined with quartz crystals and other stones, able to convey and direct the subtle energies.
Represents the evolution of Dr. Wilheilm Reich's studies on Orgone energy. Reich identified the energy of Eastern religions (prana or Elan Vital) as actually existing in nature and discovered that organic materials have the property of attracting this energy, while metallic materials attract it and then cross, based on these principles orgonic accumulator, a cabin with walls formed by alternating layers of organic and metallic material, in order to attract energy inside.
The orgonite is made with the same principle of the orgone accumulator, a base of organic material in addition to certain types of metal allow the accumulation of vital energy, while the addition of crystals, tourmalines and other stones makes sure that this energy is continuously filtered according to the properties of the stones, offering a harmonized energetic environment protected from the imbalances of the various electromagnetic fields. The presence of shungite excludes any remote possibility that the generator can stop or flood.
In this regard it is important to underline the fact that the Orgonite does not act on the electromagnetic field, but on the effects that this has on the field of vital energy.
During the catalyzing phase the orgonite is exposed to specific audio frequencies in order to give it specific vibrational information (see the studies by Masuaru Emoto).
The mix of the pyramids, in addition to the basic orgone components (resin and metal), also contains black shungite powder (type-2), rose quartz and white; the 9 cm has only one hyaline quartz tip (rock quartz), while the 15 and 20 cm have 5 hyaline quartz-crystal tips arranged at the base (one on each side) and one towards the upper vertex.
In addition there is also a copper spiral placed at the base. The base is covered with anti-slip material (felt or velvet-like).
Place in the room with the side surfaces placed towards the four cardinal points.

Differences between models:

BLUE SKY NATURE: These pyramids have a blue upper part, while the lower part is transparent, giving a sensation of openness, transmitting air and water.

HOUSE OF RA: Thanks to a series of processing procedures, the CASA DI RA pyramids seem covered with golden laminae.

GIZA's ENERGY: The pyramids of this series are the result of a remarkable skill of the craftsman who was able to represent the upper end part with a pleasant greased gold, as were the pyramids of the Giza valley.


blu sky nature
Blu Sky Nature
Casa di RA
Home of RA
energia di giza
Giza's Energy


The word mandala in Sanskrit means circle and, in our series, it is a series of plates (sizes start at 16 cm) representing sacred symbols. The orgonite mandala plates are designed to provide constant protection, on the outside is a diagram with high frequency of vibration. A copper spiral has been added to the base, by means of special pouring or grafting, visible or not depending on the type of processing of the mandala. At the base this product has felt pads / rubber pads for support. They can be used to hold them on the table or to hang them on the wall (thanks to a simple support hole made by craftsmen with a drill to accommodate a headless nail) so as to make the environment of orgonic energy pervade and also make elegant furnishings . In addition to the normal orgone components, the mixture contains iron powder, black shungite powder, rose quartz and flake white. All our mandala models are touched by hand on the embossed pattern. NOTE: these are handmade products for which there is not one 100% equal to another, but they can be slightly different to read shades of color or millimetric size. The package contains a User Guide in english

Dreamcatcher cm 18
Cubo of Metatron
Cubo of Metatron cm 18
Tesseract cm 18
tripura white
Tripura white cm 16
tripura Red
Tripura Red cm 16
Labyrint of Chartres
Chartres's Labyrinth cm 18
Tara Shakti
Tara Shakti cm 18
Kali Shakti
Kali Shakti cm 18
Fiore della Vita
Flower of Life cm 18

IMPORTANT NOTE: All these products are made of high quality materials and work exclusively on an energy level. Therefore, their use on any physical problem can not in any way replace adequate medical therapy experienced by qualified personnel, nor can it justify an interruption of such treatment. Therefore the user is personally and fully responsible for the use.

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