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La Piastra di Kolzov n. 13It took us two years to find them, but we did it, and today even your store can have Kolzov plates: a modern bioenergy remedy. All existing Kolzov plates produced by the only company authorized by the Russian scientist are part of our catalogue and are available for wholesale sales. Kolzov plates belong to the category of devices forwards in time, ie they are ahead of what is used today for pursuing health and well-being.

We have used and tested the plates: the results obtained have exceeded the most optimistic expectations and therefore we decided to import them from Russia.

The secret of Kolzov plates

We are in the sphere of vibrational medicine based on the use of specific frequencies to stimulate beneficial effects in the user and in the environment.

Kolzov's challenge was to design a device capable of capturing and maintaining certain vibrational information of power over time in order to be able to emit it around him. The experiment is perfectly successful if we consider that the approximately 100 Kolzov plates contain tens of thousands of vibrations carefully selected by the Kolzov team and distributed by type in order to have specific plates for the most common needs.

How the plates are made and how they work

Each device includes two external plates in magnetized plastic. The external dimensions are 5.5 x 7.8 cm (slightly larger than a credit card).

At the corners of these plates, there are 4 "rectangular" 4-layer boards on which the energy information of each plate is imprinted and whose centre is connected to the magnetized rubber.

The scalar field created in this way (each of the cards is polarized in a manner opposite to the one above and below) generates longitudinal electromagnetic forces (in the human organism it is our bone system to perform this function of emitter of longitudinal electromagnetic waves) that resonate with the user's organism and its thin bodies.

Kolzov plates act simultaneously on three fronts:

  1. they correct the functional state of the organism that uses them through the normalization of biorhythms and the structuring of body fluids.
  2. they correct the external magnetic field that acts on the organism that uses them, protecting it from harmful external fields such as smog, electro smog, radiation from geopathogenic zones, programs deriving from the collective unconscious or from disharmonic environments, energies, commands, entities, chains and spells)
  3. they structure extracorporeal fluids such as drinking water.

Our Catalogue

In our catalogue we have all series developed by Kolzov: Blue, Lilac, Gold, Green, the Exclusive series and all those of the precious COLLECTION series.

There are dozens of companies in Europe that declares their plates as authentic, but the only original factory founded by Kolzov himself is situated in Russia and is the one from which we buy our Plates.


Our Company, Gruppo Indivisibile srl, is authorized by the Producer PLANET REGIONS as international distributor:

Kolzov certificate Planet Region

See our certification by authorized distributors list ( item #835):

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