Soap of Aleppo

Olive e sapone di Aleppo

Respect for nature and workers in an ancient product of the highest quality, Aleppo Soap in stone, shampoos, detergents. Another opportunity for retailers. Simple, natural raw materials and time-honored craft techniques that are still handed down today. Perfect for daily hygiene of face and hands, Aleppo soap is the oldest known ally against dirt and bacteria. But it is also a thousand-year-old beauty elixir, which cares for and protects skin and hair thanks to its remarkable virtues.

Thanks to the harmony between the properties of olive and laurel oils, which make it unique and precious. The original recipe does not add any other ingredients: it is therefore totally natural and environmentally friendly, does not dry out or irritate the skin and is suitable even for the most sensitive and delicate skin, such as that of children.
Aleppo soap is a vegetable product that owes its name to the city of the same name in Syria, the region where its manufacturing technique was perfected. It has its roots in history and, among natural soaps, is considered the oldest detergent, so much so that the first evidence of its use dates back to Babylonian times (2500 BC). 

There are two ingredients, all green, that make it so special and versatile: olive oil and laurel oil. To recognize it, read the label carefully. Genuine Aleppo Soap is an artisanal product, contains no preservatives, additives or synthetic fragrances and, for this reason, is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, those with fragrance allergies or those with skin problems. It is not tested on animals and is therefore an eco-friendly product, valuable for the daily care of young and old.

It is biodegradable and is considered, due to its long tradition and purity, the ancestor prince of Marseille soap.


Stone soap and Aleppo detergent

Saponetta di aleppo
Stone soap
16%, 32%, 55%
Detergente liquido Sapone di Aleppo 500ml
Detergent with
5% Aleppo Soap 500ml

Bath, intimate, shampoo with Aleppo Soap

bagnoschiuna Sapone di Aleppo agrumi
Bath foam
wild citrus 250ml
bagnoschiuna Sapone ai Aleppo proteine 250ml
Bubble bath
Silk protein 250ml
detergente liquido 500ml
Intimate cleanser
shampoo capelli grassi con sapone di aleppo 250ml
oily hair 250 ml
shampoo lavaggi frequenti 250ml
frequent use shampoo 250ml
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