The Tesla Purple Plates

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We are pleased to offer the most powerful Tesla Purple plates, of which we are the exclusive worldwide dealers. Probably we have the most powerful Tesla Purple Plate in the world!!!

Mirror Series


Tesla Plates are made from aluminum and have the capacity to emit PRANA (free energy antennas) which bring many benefits to environments, people, things, animals, food and drinks.

Tesla Plates are even able to contrast the effects of electromagnetic pollution, like EMF telephones, cell phones, etc.

The Tesla Plates History

Tesla Plates get their name to the brilliant scientist who in the last century managed, in various ways, to discover the secret to produce energy free from ether. In particular, the Plates are the result of the Tesla patent No. 685,957 (on the certificate it is described as a "small device for the use of Radiant Energy").

This device was studied and developed by a friend and colleague of Nikolas Tesla: the scientist Ralph Bergstresser who was actively engaged on it for about 28 years.

Bergstresser's work took form in the realization of a low frequency and high tension electrical system (according to the studies on the famous Tesla coil) used to treat the the aluminum which the plates are composed of.

In fact, the aluminium is electrolytically oxidized, modified at the atomic level and finally colored following a special method that makes the plates absolutely unique, tested and effective over time.

Tesla Plates are not subject to wear and tear of time, and do not lose effectiveness even after a contact with discordant electric fields. In fact, the Plates are antennas that continually draw on the inexhaustible energy of the ether and are therefore practically eternal.

Successful reviews

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The other plates on the market

The technique that makes aluminum Tesla plates charged is a natural procedure and therefore not patentable; for this reason neither Bergstresser nor others can patent Tesla plates in any way. It would be like trying to patent the fact that the cold makes the water ice or the ice itself or the fact that a wire conducts electricity: try it, you will see that the Patent Office clerk will get you committed to an insane asylum. For this reason it is good to be wary of anyone who claims to own the original Tesla plates, only a madman or a scoundrel can claim to own the original Tesla plates.

To make Tesla's plates you have to know how to produce them. Like Coca-Cola, the procedure is nothing more than a secret recipe that only few people know, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Our company is constantly looking for the best products on the market and therefore we have had the opportunity to try out more types of plates. Thanks to our experience, we have understood the differences between the good ones, the ineffective ones and the false ones. All the best Tesla plates on the market are made in conformity with the powerful machining process developed by Bergstresser, to make them cosmic energy antennas. Our plates, moreover, have a resonant component when they are immersed in a sound bath for 24 hours at a specific and secret frequency to which the pineal gland vibrates: in this way, our plates are much more effective at the resonance level and they are, therefore, twice as powerful.

The SUNNY line


From 2018 all of our Tesla Plates are painted with a wonderful brilliant and holographic paint called “Sunny”.

Although the form does not affect the benefits, we are currently pleased to give our customers the possibility to choose between these different versions of Tesla Plates:

  1. Round Tesla Purple Plate in two sizes (disk 4.5 and 10 cm) with a cord for easier usage;
  2. Triangular Tesla Purple Plate for men with a cord for easier usage (exclusive worldwide);
  3. Triangular Tesla Purple Plate for women with a cord for easier usage (exclusive worldwide);
  4. Rectangular Tesla Purple Plate 6.3 x 9.3 cm with a cord for easier usage
  5. Squared Tesla Purple Plate 21 x 21 cm with a cord for easier usage
Piastre di Tesla rotonde
Disk 4,5 cm SUNNY
Piastra di Tesla DISK 10
Disk 10 cm SUNNY
Piastra di Tesla CARD
Rectangle 6,3x9,3 cm SUNNY
Piastra di Tesla Triangoli
Triangle man and women SUNNY
Piastra di Tesla quadrata big
Squared 21x21 cm SUNNY


It is also possible to choose between the following kits in order to have a special saving:

    1. PARTNER sunny: 3 Tesla Purple Plates: triangle men + triangle women + disk 4,5cm
    2. FRIENDSHIP sunny: 3 Tesla Purple Plates: 1 rectangle 6,3x9,3 + 2 disks 4,5cm;
    3. BREAKFAST sunny: 3 Tesla Purple Plates: 1 squared 21x21cm + 2 disks 10cm;
    4. OFFICE sunny: 3 Tesla Purple Plates: 1 squared 21x21cm + 2 rectangles 6,3x9,3cm;
    5. FAMILY sunny: 6 Tesla Purple Plates: 1 squared 21x21cm + rectangle men + rectangle women + 3 disks 4,5cm.

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