neti lota for jala neti

Lota for Jala Neti

Lota for nasal shower with water and salt

uso del neti lotaBy using our NETI LOTA you choose to take even better care of your body through the use of the nasal irrigator based on the canons of Ayurveda medicine (science of lifespan).
The nasal irrigator is a device that helps in cleaning the nasal cavities and can provide immediate relief in improving breathing, especially in reducing mouth breathing.
This technique that uses water for cleansing is called Jala Neti.



In a special container, prepare a solution of half a litre of water with a teaspoon of fine salt; the salt is used to reduce irritation of the mucous membranes, but if you experience a burning sensation, dilute with more water. This is an isotonic salt solution and can be used daily.

Hypertonic solutions, i.e. with concentrations of 2 to 7 grams of salt per litre of water (2 to 7% concentration), can also be used for nasal washing. Hypertonic saline solution naturally causes a secretion of water by drawing excess fluid from the nasal mucosa by osmosis and makes the mucus less dense, more fluid and thus easier to expel. A hypertonic saline solution should be used for a limited time, such as in the case of a cold, sore throat, cough, congested nose, but should not be used beyond the immediate need and never for more than 5 days.

When to use it

You can perform nasal cavity cleansing at any time (it is not necessary to perform it more than twice a day), avoiding it after meals and up to two hours before going to bed.


Position yourself in front of the washbasin with your torso forward and tilt your head to the side; insert the spout of the NETI LOTA into the nostril that is positioned upwards and allow the water to flow out through the other nostril and into the washbasin. When this first amount of water from the NETI LOTA has been used up, remove the nozzle, return your head to the normal position and gently blow your nose; refill the NETI LOTA and carry out the same procedure on the other nostril.

The water should only flow from one nostril to the other, so if it should somehow bother your throat or enter your mouth, your head should be oriented in such a way that this does not happen.

If the water should not flow out of the NETI LOTA due to hardened nasal secretions blocking it, simply wait in position for a few seconds and sooner or later the water will make its way into the nasal path; if necessary, remove the NETI LOTA and blow your nose lightly.

At the end of the procedure, blow your nose gently in order not to allow any residual water and salt to remain, which could slightly irritate the mucous membranes and give the feeling of a cold.

Children should perform this procedure under the supervision of an adult.

This information is for illustrative purposes only and does not describe any method of treatment; please consult your doctor for any therapeutic or treatment needs.



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