Shungite from Carelia

This area is dedicated at all european resellers of Shungite stone.

Gruppo INDIVISIBILE is the first international wholesales in of the Shungite stone; each day some thousand of items are shipped in all Europe and a part of USA. We manage very famous italian on line resellers than Macrolibrarsi e Il Giardino dei Libri, our partners also.

Our headquarter is in Arezzo, Tuscany.

Our shungite comes from the only pure mine in the world located in Russia, the Zazhoginskoye mine, on the Onega Lake and owned by the Russian government.

mine of shungite Zazhoginskoye

Shungite is a volcanic rock that has a minimum of 28% carbon in its various forms; the rest is magnesium, aluminum etc.

Some time in the volcanic stone may be found an Elite Stone: the elite is shungite 98% only carbon.


Gruppo Indivisibile
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